It’s not every day that you get to see your boss sweat it out in the tropics! On national television! 
So we couldn’t resist… we had to ask our very own boss ‘Janine ‘legend’ Allis, what it’s like being a contestant on Australia’s Survivor. We just had to ask those questions that you’re not really supposed to, but only family kind of get away with asking. Here goes…
1. Firstly, (and possibly most importantly), was there a flushing toilet?!
No flushing toilet, there was a long drop, the odd tree or bush and if all else failed we had to dig a hole on the beach.
2.  What was the food or drink that you missed the most?
Well I did miss my Boost - I know you think I have to say that, but it is really true! Definitely Nachos and anything that was not rice or beans.
3. If you could go back and take one luxury item, what would it be?
A tent! Waterproof jacket or tarp… like a really big tarp.
4. Is there anything you would have done differently looking back?
Nothing different. The game is about fitness, friendships and a lot a luck. I both loved and hated the experience.
5. What’s the best moment that didn’t go to air?
When Abbs, Pia and I were at the Café and we discovered that David was lying to us and we started to plan how to get him out. You will have to wait to see if we succeed or he does.
6. Did you get used to the cameras watching you 24/7?
Actually you did, and they are there 24/7. They would never talk to us so they eventually disappear into the background. I do remember one night a massive storm came in and the rain was coming in sideways. The cameraman’s umbrella was completely destroyed and he yelled “I did not sign up for this!”. We knew how he felt.
7. Who was your bestie throughout the season?
Pia. She kept me sane. She was also my moral compass. I would never lie to her, she was my no go zone for lying.
8. Did you really find the idol that quickly? Or did take heaps longer than they showed?
It took hours, but they cut it down. It probably takes about three days to make an episode, so they have to cut a lot out.
9. What was your favourite challenge?
There are a couple of challenges coming up but I do not what to give anything away. All I will say is 'monkey toes'!
10. Who was the most inspiring person on Survivor and why?
There were many people who were inspiring in so many different ways. I think everyone who was there that actually said yes to doing the crazy show is inspiring.