In the past, protein was a specialised product used by athletic types. However over recent years, protein has become a fast-growing trend. Protein has become increasingly popular again amongst mainstream consumers. These consumers come from a range of demographic backgrounds, and are lured by the promises of healthy living. Consumers are beginning to both understand and crave the many benefits that Protein has on offer.           

Protein is a macronutrient that is vital in helping the body build and repair muscle tissue while at the same time helps in maintaining energy levels and a control of appetite.

Meats and cheeses are the leading protein-based products; however, consumers are seeking plant-based protein alternatives that they can add to their diet.

Protein powders are a fast and convenient source of good quality protein, and adding this into a smoothie, is an easy and delicious way of increasing your protein intake. 

At Boost, we offer two choices of protein powders, Whey Protein and Plant Protein. Our Plant Protein is a new and exciting addition to our menu boards.

More and more people are exploring a plant-based diet, and our pea protein is the perfect choice, as it is both dairy free and vegan friendly.

These proteins were the hero ingredients in our current Protein Super Smoothies campaign, when we introduced three new premium, protein smoothies to store.

Yo’ Berry Best and Choc Muscle Hustle, featured our Whey Protein and the Power Plant Protein was showcased as our newest plant-based ingredient.

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