A Very Allis Christmas

Coming to the end of the year everyone seems to panic and rush hoping to get things done before Christmas.
You know the familiar questions we all ask ourselves…
“Have I finished all my tasks at work/projects at school?”
“Have I bought all the gifts on my list?”
“Has I organised everything for the Christmas dinner?”
“Do I need to join all the extra people at the shops doing the same mad rush?”
“How will my family manage being together all at once again?”
And then Christmas day comes, most shops are closed, work emails stop coming through, school is finished, your family comes together (warts and all!). Now you can finally enjoy time together sharing a meal, probably over indulging on way too much great food. And the panic and rush subsides for a few hours… hopefully a full days.
All the things that may not have been completed are still there waiting and you know what… they can wait. I think it is important to stop an connect with your family and Christmas provides the perfect time to do this.
A typical family Christmas for us is coming together around my mother’s table. My parents had four kids so that now means a group of 30+ people. I love my family and we all get along (well mostly!).
Traditionally the cards come out for Texas Hold ‘Em and, more often than not, my father or brother wins. There might be the odd drama or uncomfortable conversation, as with any family, yet overall there are plenty of laughs, food and drink seeing us heading off to bed, sometimes a little wobbly, feeling loved and connected.
The other special time is the start of a New Year! This year ushers us into a new decade! The New Year always brings a fresh start, a time to set new goals, reassess the year that was and dust off what we don’t want to carry with us. Believe in the power of your mind to ensure that you will see things differently, try new things and set new goals. Not all goals will be achieved, not everything will turn out how you planned but trust yourself, try your best and as always.
Love Life & Merry Christmas!